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MV/Song Reviews

MV/Song Review: Starlight by Taeyeon feat. DEAN

AHH! This song. This song gave me life. Taeyeon is one of my favorite female artists, and DEAN is by far my favorite male solo artist. This collaboration made my day and I was so excited ever since I saw the teaser.

The MV is the best thing ever because Taeyeon and DEAN are so cute together. They are definitely relationship goals in the MV. So adorable. The pastel/candy tone of the MV also made it extremely aesthetically-pleasing.

The song itself is really good, but I do feel like it was more DEAN featuring Taeyeon. However I don’t think that’s a bad thing because this song still shows both of their vocal talents really well. It’s hard to give a 10/10 on any song, but I honestly do feel like “Starlight” totally deserves it. The chorus and beat are super catchy and they are both amazing vocalists. I absolutely fell in love with this song and I really hope Taeyeon and DEAN will perform it live at least once.

Rate: 10 out of 10

MV/Song Reviews

MV/Song Review: I Like That by SISTAR


I have so much to say about this comeback. First of all, this MV was gorgeous. That tattoo of the sakura tree was so beautiful I wouldn’t have minded if it was real. The whole vibe from the MV was just so artsy. It was like a mix of Chinese culture and Western culture (which I LOVE, being a Chinese American myself).

The outfits in the MV were so pretty and the members rocked them. I loved Bora’s short rap the most although Soyou/Hyorin’s part was a close second. Bora is looking GORGEOUS with the short hair, and I just fell in love with her.

This dance really stood out to me. I was almost as impressed by the backup dancers as I was with the actual members. When I watched their live performance, I totally was not expecting their skirts to be torn off! Props to the choreographer, the backup dancers, and the members, for creating such a classy, sexy, creative dance.

Overall, this is definitely my favorite SISTAR comeback ever.

Rate: 9.7 out of 10


Album Review: EX’ACT by EXO

EXO! This comeback did not disappoint me at all! I was looking forward to the title tracks as well as the rest of the album, but I ended up enjoying the title tracks more than the other songs. The general vibe for this album is sort of funky and not really similar as their old albums like EXODUS or XOXO. This review is for the Korean version and excludes the instrumentals.

Lucky One: Definitely have been jamming to this song a lot recently. The chorus is my favorite part and the vocals shone a little more than the rap in this song like most other title tracks by EXO. I was very happy that Lay and Xiumin got a little more lines in this song.

Monster: OMG THIS SONG IS FIREEEE! This song is fighting for my favorite EXO with Overdose. The entire song is just so amazing and is definitely my favorite song in the album. Sehun’s rap though! My favorite parts are the rap and the last part with Chen and Baekhyun. Only issue with the song is line distribution…I’m sort of upset that Kai has so many more lines than some of the other members…

Artificial Love: I honestly don’t know what to say about this song. It’s really different and funky. Still not sure whether I actually like this song or not…

Cloud 9: This song is pretty much the same to me as “Artificial Love.” Funky, weird beat and odd tempo but it sort of works but not sure if I like it.

Heaven: Love this song. Chen and Baekhyun’s voices are actual perfection. The rap is pretty on point and it’s a catchy song. The piano background music just perfects the song. The chorus is perfection and the song is very nice.

White Noise: This song isn’t bad but it’s not very special or amazing. The vocals of EXO showcase their strong and stable voices in this song very well. The rap was so-so..Still a good song, but didn’t wow me…

One and Only: Listening to this song reminds me of the old EXO days, like “Lucky” and “3.6.5” and “XOXO”. Makes me feel pretty nostalgic. If someone told me this song was on their 1st album, I would believe it.

They Never Know: Apparently, this song and “Dead Leaves” by BTS were based off of one song? Not sure, but it was not plagiarism. I’m sure there are angry ARMYS and angry EXO’Ls, but I still enjoy both of the songs.

Stronger: Honestly, this song is one of my favorites off this album. The piano and the beautiful vocals of EXO just give this song a jazzy feel. It’s a sweet song that gives a daydream-y feel.

Rate: 8 out of 10


MV/Song Reviews

MV/Song Review: Emptiness by MADTOWN

First of all, watch it with English subtitles. The lyrics are the sweetest thing ever, and it makes my heart melt. ❤

Second: I don’t know much about MADTOWN, except for their song “OMGT”, which I loved because it’s so funky and fun-sounding.

Third: I actually didn’t like this song very much, other than the lyrics. The singing in the beginning wasn’t very good, and seemed sort of monotone or robotic. The singing in the chorus did get better, and the dance is pretty nice, although they don’t show it in the MV (watch it on a live stage). However, the MV did have a monochrome scheme that fit the lyrics well, and made it seem more dramatic.

Rate: 6 out of 10

MV/Song Reviews

MV/Song Review: Shut Up and Groove by Heize feat. DEAN

This song is just a chill song that is always stuck in my head. I’ve seen clips of Heize on Unpretty Rapstar and when I heard she was releasing a song, I actually thought that she was going to be rapping, but her singing is very nice too. DEAN’s part always gets me and the sudden drops of tempo are another charm to this song.

Heize actually has a little rap near the middle part of the song and it definetely shows her talents in rap too. As I was watching the MV, I couldn’t help thinking that she reminded me of someone, but I wasn’t sure. Heize looks sort of like a mix of CL, LE, and Hyuna to me. Anyway, love the song and MV!

Rate: 9.7 out of 10

MV/Song Reviews

MV/Song Review: Stalker by U-KISS

I haven’t been in the kpop-world long enough to have fully enjoyed all of U-KISS’s songs and know all their members because they debuted in 2008. So I thought they had already disbanded… but I’m really glad they didn’t and came back with “Stalker” because this song is amazing.

The chorus is catchy and powerful, and the beat in the background is very techno and cool. The one dance move that sticks in my mind is the shirt-sniffing one, and I’m not sure whether I like it or not. But overall this song is something I would definitely play on repeat.

Rate: 9.2 out of 10

PS: Congrats to Eli! His wife gave birth to their baby son the same day as their comeback!

MV/Song Reviews

MV/Song Review: She Is by Jonghyun

JONGHYUN! His voice is perfection. I’ve been looking forward to this comeback and it really satisfied me. Honestly, the MV was a little odd and I didn’t really know what was happening, but the song had a nice vibe that his voice was perfect for. The whole yellow concept is sort of weird…but Jonghyun can pull it off pretty well. His pink hair is actually goals and he is totally rocking the glasses.

However, as I was listening to his album, one song completely won me over. “White T-shirt” is taking over my life and is just a perfect song for whenever. I’ve gone so heads -over heels for “White T-shirt” that I wish he had it as his title song instead of “She Is”.

Rate: 8 out of 10


Album Review: Seoulite (2nd Half) by Lee Hi

As you may know, Lee Hi is my favorite female solo artist. When the first half of Seoulite came out, I listened to the entire thing and fell in love with every song; from “Official” to “World Tour”; from “FXXK WIT US” to “Breathe”. At first, I didn’t realize that there was more to this album, and I thought that those few songs were it. However, I quickly realized that there was much more, and that Lee Hi still had more songs to impress me with, she did not fail to do so.

My Star: Cute, jazzy, smooth, amazing. Loved the MV and song all together, nearly as much as I love “Hold My Hand”. Her strong vocals really shown with the long notes.

Blues: To be honest, this song is not my favorite. It’s a good song, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t really shine as much as the other songs to me.

Passing By: Loving this sort of vibe from her. A song that makes you forget all of your worries and just lets you relax and unwind. Background music in this song is beautiful and perfectly matched with her voice.

Up All Night (feat. Tablo): THIS SONG! Definitely my favorite song out of the second half, just a beautiful melody and soothing tune. Tablo’s deep voice fit so well with the slow song, I got chills. Two thumbs up!

Video (feat. Bobby): Another favorite! Bobby’s rap never fails to impress me. Hayi’s deep, mature, beautiful voice in this song  was amazing and really made me think, “Wow, no other voice in kpop could pull off a song like this.”

Missing U: A strong melody and the piano in the background really made me fall in love with this song. A sort of soft jazzy song that makes you sway along to the music.

Rate: 9.85 out of 10

You can check out the songs on Youtube at this channel: YG Family Tube


MV/Song Review: How People Move by Akdong Musician

I’m a little late for this, but I just had to review this comeback. Akdong Musician is a duo of two siblings from YG, and recently made a comeback after years on hiatus.

“How People Move” is definitely my favorite song right now. The turn just makes me super happy and giddy! Soohyun and Chanhyuk and so adorable and sibling goals. The two just have this hilarious relationship in the MV.

The MV is super colorful and fun and a blast to watch. The “come on let’s dance! dance!” part was adorable and the “bounce bouce stuturudutu bouce bouce”(don’t judge) dance was honestly goals. Soohyun’s  red hair is so pretty and Chanhyuk’s differing glasses/sunglasses were cool. Everything was on point!  😍😍😍

Their vocals! They harmonize well, and my favorite part is definitely the part where they do this amazing  harmony towards the end that shows their powerful vocals. I’m head over heels in love with Soohyun’s voice.These two are definitely some of the most talented artists in kpop. Overall, very impressive and amazingly done. Nice job, AKMU!

Rate: 9 out of 10

MV/Song Reviews

MV/Song Review: Young Forever by BTS

So when this MV came out, I was not expecting it at all… Total surprise. But of course, as BTS is amazing, they wowed me. The rap-line (RapMon, Suga, and J-Hope)slayed in the beginning of the song, and the vocal line (Jungkook, V, Jimin, and Jin) was awesome. I was happy that Jin got more lines as he is the most underrated singer in BTS, and he rocked it. Jungkook’s English was very good and V’s English was not bad!

Favorite rap goes to Rap Monster. He just keeps slaying; when I hear his voice begin the song, I always get chills. Favorite voice for this song goes to Jungkook. This song perfectly shows his smooth steady voice and it’s just perfect for him.

Rate: 9.5 out of 10